Ashtanga Yoga is a devoted practice from which all contemporary "vinyasa" styles originate.  It is taught in two different methods - led classes and Mysore practice.   

Ashtanga yoga is taught through a lineage of teachers to students. Mysore programs are often guided by an Authorized Ashtanga teacher - authorization can only be granted in India by the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI).  Our program is guided by a group of teachers who have practiced with dedication in the Ashtanga method through consistent study with their own teachers, and welcome you to learn, too! 

In led Ashtanga classes, the teacher guides students as a group through a set sequence of poses in a consistent rhythm of movement (traditionally without any detailed explanation, just the Sanskrit count, but we’ll give you a few pointers)!   

The emphasis is on the movement - not the poses - it’s appropriate to modify the poses or skip them entirely if you don’t practice them regularly.   Students of all levels are welcome in a led Ashtanga class, although it’s a challenging sequence - be prepared to sweat!




Mysore practice is where the details of the practice and each asana are explained and refined. These classes are set up differently than a regular group class - you can enter the Mysore room at any time in the hours it's open with enough time to do your practice(most people practice for about an hour) and the teacher will teach you the sequence individually.

Mysore practice is ideal for students of every level. It takes some patience and commitment, but if you are interested in mastering the basics, advancing at your own pace, and practicing at a time more suited to your own schedule,  the Mysore Ashtanga practice will work well for you.

Mysore is ideal for integrating into your schedule: in Mysore, you can simply walk into the Studio *every* weekday, 6:30am to 8:30am, afternoon 4:30pm to 7:30pm. Sundays 10am to 12pm, start practicing!

There is no official class start or end time - the teacher is there waiting to guide your through your practice, whether it is 30 minutes or 2 hours,

for specific questions about Mysore


Mysore Tips & Etiquette

Getting Started
Enter the room and unroll your mat and talk through any physical issues or injuries
and they will begin by teaching you the first set of poses. Unlike a “regular” class,
we’ll move you along at your own pace. We’ll never force you into a pose you’re not
ready for, and each day you come, we’ll continue to methodically build on the
previous day’s work.

Over time, the goal is for you to develop an independent practice that you take anywhere!
You can expect to practice for 20-25 minutes on your first day,
with sessions increasing up to one hour as you progress.
We recommend students practice at least three times a week.

On your first day of practice at The Yoga Shala please practice the primary series.
Please respect and follow the traditional Ashtanga method as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi

Do not add, skip or in other ways deviate from the traditional Ashtanga sequence
unless acknowledged or requested by your teacher.
If you do not know the sequence, talk to your teacher or request
guidance to find a more appropriate class to suit you.
Please stay on your own mat and refrain from assisting other practitioners.
Please do not take any new asanas unless agreed upon with your teacher.
 Do not bring your mobile phone or device into the room.
Respect your limits.
Practice with care and consideration towards yourself and others.
Please refrain from unnecessary talking.
Refrain from eating at least 2 hours prior to and 30 minutes after your practice.
Drink plenty of water after your practice.
Personal hygiene is an integral part of practicing yoga.
Please ensure that you and your
gear are clean.

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